What is
advertising subscription
Advertising subscription to Yandex.Business - a simple and convenient tool that will automatically run ads on multiple Yandex sites and attract customers without extra effort.
Advertising subscription
Create ads based on information from your organization card or minilanding.
Analyze Yandex Search, Zen, partner sites Advertising Network and automatically run ads for your target audience.
Monitor the effectiveness of advertising and budget allocation.
Take advantage of all the benefits
of advertising subscription
Suitable for all online stores and companies that sell goods or provide services online.
Potential customers get to your Hipolink multilink.
Ads will appear in Search, Zen and on the sites of the Advertising Network partners.
Save time with Yandex Business advertising subscription. Set up a company card in just 40 minutes, and then the algorithms will work.
You can find detailed instructions on how to use your subscription here.