Hipolink is a site constructor for Instagram

Create a multilink with Hipolink - site constructor for Instagram

Multi-links are a convenient tool for working on the Internet, especially on social networks, which limit the number of links available for users. Hipolink allows you to solve this problem with a constructor.

Any owner of an Instagram account can create his own mini-site and place on it the required number of links to his services or products. Even an inexperienced user can independently cope with this task in a couple of minutes.

To create multi-links, you can use Hipolink - website constructor

What is Hipolink?

Hipolink is a tool for fast website creation. A link to such a page will look like this:

https://hipolink.me/ + account name on the service.

The service contains several sections: Constructor, Statistics, Modules, Orders, Templates, Prices and Tariffs, and an additional menu.

Using the tools, you can completely customize the visual design, add contacts, photos and videos that are attractive to your Instagram followers.

Create page for Instagram using the Hipolink service

Website constructor features

The 12 functions of the Hipolink service are located in the Constructor section and displayed on its left side. They are responsible for filling the site, the view of which is displayed in the center. On the right side there is a block editing window.

View of constructor page

Themes: 20 options for page design.

Background: Sets an image or solid background fill.

Text: 1000 characters in one block. Adjustable font, color, size.

Links: Adding a link to your site, setting up a phone call, adding a mail link to.

Separator: Stripes for the design of site sections. Customizable length and color.

Avatar: Customize the main image. Choose the thickness and color of the stroke.

Messengers: Adding buttons to contact you through messengers. The number is edited in a row from one to four.

Social networks: Add buttons to connect with you via social networks. The number is edited in a row from one to four.

Important!The Hipolink website allows you to add links not only to Instagram, but also to other social networks.

Photo: Add images to the gallery. Up to 25 pieces. You can customize signatures and display times.

Video: Adding videos from Youtube.

Widgets: Callback button. The notification of the request to call back is stored in the Request section. You can set up notifications in Telegram or mail..

Requests: Request form. The notification is stored in the Request section. You can set up notifications in Telegram or mail.

What else does the Hipolink constructor offer?

• 34 ready-made page templates formed by categories: Stores and goods, Services, Events, Personal page. (Section Templates).

• Analytics of page visits and button clicks (Statistics section in the menu).

• Integration with external services: JivoSite, Pixel FB, Pixel VK, Google tag manager, Telegram notifications, Privacy policy constructor (Modules section).

By clicking on the right pop-up menu, you can go to your profile in the Hipolink constructor. For what? To change the login and associated mail, connect and control the Partner program.

You can customize the display of your page in SEO search results. You can change the title, description and picture. A section with step-by-step instructions for working on the service is available.

If you can't solve your questions, please contact support at JivoSite or email.

Prices and plans

Free plan. Free period for all time.

Free plan functionality

Personal plan. From 3$ per month.

Personal plan functionality

Business tariff. From 5.3$ per month.

Functionality of the Business plan

Using the Hipolink website builder for your Instagram account, you will create an effective page for your work, simply and conveniently.

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