You can accept donations and sponsorship payments using the "Goods and Services" block. For this you should select this control from the left field on the Constructor page:


After that, on the View tab, add the button name and text. Indicate the price of donation or sponsorship payment (with the ability to hide the price from the client). Also, you can leave the price equal to 0, in which case your clients will enter the desired donation amount themselves.


Next, insert the link to the payment system, if the integrated payment system is not connected in the Hipolink service.


Or turn on accepting payments directly from your page by first connecting the Capusta.Space module. The instruction is on the link.

Here you can also add a form for any additional information if needed.


Below is an example of how such a block might look on your page:


After your client clicks on the Support button, a payment page will open with the specified price or without the specified price as in the picture below:


After all the actions, don't forget to press the "Save" button.


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