Vkontakte pixel

Pixel VKontakte allows you to track all visitors from the site page on which it is installed: as soon as a person visits the page, the retargeting pixel automatically takes it into account.

With the help of a pixel, you can show ads to VKontakte users who have visited your website or mobile application and performed certain actions there.

To get started with Pixel Integration in Hipolink, you need:
1. Go to the VKontakte Advertising Cabinet
2. Select the Retargeting section.
3. Go to the Pixels section.


Then click on the Create pixel button and fill in all the fields. Specify the pixel name, domain and theme of your site.


Copy the code that was generated when creating the pixel.


Go to the Hipolink.ru website, log in and select the Modules section


Inside the "Modules" section, click the "Install" button on the Pixel VKontakte module and paste the copied code and click the "Save" button.

To make sure the code works correctly, you need to do the following:
1. Go to the website (web page) where the code is installed.
2. Go to the Pixels section of the VKontakte advertising account.
3. Check if the pixel status has changed to "running". The date and time in the table should also be updated.

Done! Your Pixel VKontakte module is installed!)

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