Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a service from Google that allows you to add a single GTM code to a page and manage content on the GTM side. This allows you not to change the code every time on all pages if you need to change the code. In GTM, you can add both your own code and the code of analytics services, such as Google Analytics.

Important: If you connect Google Tag Manager and activate the Google Analytics counter inside it, you cannot additionally connect the counter in the site settings - the data will be duplicated.

You need to go to the Google Tag Manager website and register or log in.

Then press the button "Create an account"

new tag

After registration you get to the container creation screen. Enter the name of the account where the containers will be located, and then click "Continue" or "Next"

Enter the name of the container - the address of the site for which we registered in Google Tag Manager and click the "Web" button

account setup

Get acquainted with the user agreement and click "Next"

A popup will open, copy the first code

Important: Copy exactly the first code!

copy code

Go to the website, log in and select the Modules section.

Inside the Modules section, click the "Install" button on the Google Tag Manager module, paste the copied code and click the "Save" button.


Done! Your Google Tag Manager module is installed!)

Instructions for creating tags in GTM

All new services or counters are added through the "New tag" - a block located in the upper left corner.

add tag

After creating a tag, click on the "Tag Configuration" field


For example, let's add a tag with Google Analytics

google analytics

Leave the tracking type "Page View", and in the Google Analytics Settings field, select the "New Variable" setting

new variable

Insert Google Analytics ID

google id

Save the changes, go to the trigger settings and select the option "All Pages" there, then save the tag.


In the window with a suggestion to rename a tag, you can rename the tag or leave the standard name.

tag name

Click the Submit button - all changes will start working only after the container is published.


A window will appear where you can create a new version of the tag and publish all changes. After the publishing process, after some time, Google Analytics will start recording visits to your site. You can change the current tags or add new ones, for example, to track form submissions or clicks on external links.


Done! Your Google Tag Manager module is installed!)

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