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How to customize your site's link preview?

You can customize the title, description and picture that appears when you send your link to instant messengers or social networks. To change these parameters, go to the Settings - SEO block.

You can specify a title and description, as well as upload a picture for the preview. Above the filling form you can see how your link will look like.


But sometimes, social networks and instant messengers do not immediately load this data. In order for the parameters you entered (title, description and picture) to be displayed correctly, the following is necessary:​​

1. Go to this page
2. In the URL field, paste the link to your site and click Run


1. Go to this page
2. Paste the link to your site and click Debug
3. Then below click Repeat scraping


1. Go to this page
2. Paste the link to your site and click Preview car


1. Open the Telegram messenger
2. Find and start a dialogue with the bot @webpagebot
3.Send your page URL to the bot
4. In the message from the bot, click the Update preview again



After completing all these steps, paste your link to these social networks to make sure everything is displayed correctly.

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