Personal data processing policy constructor

If your site has any form of data collection - feedback, newsletter subscription, registration or personal account, this is considered the processing of personal data. In this case, you are required to obtain consent to the processing of personal data and post a link to your policy regarding the processing of personal data so that a person can familiarize himself with it, agree and only then inform you of his data.

Create a sample document using the constructor, correct it if necessary, place the text on a separate page of the site and put a link to this page in the form for receiving data.

To customize the form, on the Modules tab, click Install on the Privacy Policy module.


Then fill in all the required details.


The finished form will look like this:


If all the data is correct, do not forget to click the Save button.


Now, under each data collection form on your page, there will be a link to your privacy policy.

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