Editing goods and services

You can add goods and services to our service using the "Goods and Services" block, for this select it from the left menu on the Constructor page. Add your product/service on the page or a whole gallery of goods/services, which will be scrolled in a carousel format:

Select block

Further, on the "View" tab, which is located on the right of the constructor, you can go to the setting.

Here you can:
1. Add another product or service to the gallery (Maximum 20 pcs.)
2. Indicate the name of your product or service
3. Add photo
4. Add description
5. Set the price (Not less than 10 rubles)
6. Hide the price from the client (The client will see the price only immediately before paying)
7. Add text to the payment button
8. Add link for payment
9. Change text and button color
10. Delete slide
11. Enable auto-scrolling slides


You can also enable accepting payments directly from your page. This option is not available if your payment system is not connected. Therefore, you first need to connect the Capusta.Space module. The instruction is on the link.

You can also add a form to collect additional information from your clients, if necessary.

Payment method

After all the actions, don't forget to press the "Save" button.


You can see examples of different variants of the designed block below:

Added product, with photo, description and set price:


Added product, with photo, description and hidden price:


This is how the data collection form looks like if you want to receive additional information from your clients:


Example of product without photo:


You don't understand something? Ask for help :)

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